The DS Design Studio is where DS cars are born, authentic exponents of French luxury. Where they work and develop vehicles such as the DS7 Crossback and the new DS3 Crossback. Welcome to one of the most spectacular and sophisticated car design centers in the world. Entering Le DS Design Studio is an experience. Located on the outskirts of Paris, in Velizy, the nerve center of DS Automobiles is a statement of intentions of the character of the brand: sophistication, talent and refinement. It has brought us here the new and exclusive SUV of the brand, the DS7 Crossback. From his hand we have been able to know what are the keys in the development of the projects in Le DS Design Studio, and taking advantage of the situation we have attended the reveal of the new compact SUV of the brand, the DS3 Crossback. The result can be tasted in this video, where in addition to immersing ourselves in the technology and image of both models, we spoke with the heads of the design department of the brand: Thierry Metroz, Senior vice-president of design; Ivo Groen, Responsible for design of DS Automobiles; and Mathilde Fourreau, designer of materials, finishes and colors. His words are a demonstration of the weight that the design and the concept of French luxury have on the brand. It is perfectly appreciated in the choice and treatment of materials, which differentiates them from other brands. Check it in the video. There is no brand that makes cars like that, that works these values. Thierry Metroz is the brain of DS aesthetics. He started his career at Renault in 1985 and in 2005 he took charge of the design of this brand. Five years later he joined the PSA group with the mission to define the style of Citroen.